Introduction: Trash to Treasure- Making Soldering Stand by 90% Old Materials

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Hello, friends welcome back. So 6 or 7 months ago I uploaded the video of making soldering stand by utilizing some old and unused materials and I didn't get much light over it because of I am new youtuber but I want to share my idea with the public as much as possible. So i decided to post an instructable of it.

The idea is very simple and I bet that everyone can make it

Most of the images are the screenshot of my videos so sorry about it.

So lets start our making.

Step 1: Materials Used

As is said earlier the materials are used in this project is old and used and can easily be found.

1:- Old fused led bulb

2:- 2 used markers

3:- Used pen and sketch pens

4:- Long and thin nut with bolts

5:- Convex lens (not recommended)

6:- 2 alligator clips

7:- Tools with the glue gun

8:- Permanent paint color

Step 2: Making Base to Stand

So, first of all, I started with creating a base to stand for which I used half of the led bulb

Firstly I removed the upper semi sphere cover and circuits under it

Precaution:- Many bulbs upper cover is made up of glass and can harm you while removing. Mine is made up of plastic so I didn't have to worry about it

Now I pasted some old and broken speakers under the base to make it heavy so that I can clip much heavier PCBs (as we all know speakers have heavy magnets so it can also help it in fixing it over the metal surface. )

Now our base part is done

Step 3: Making Arms

Now I connected the two markers with the upper side of the bulb with the help of long nut and bolt to make its hands

NOTE:- Here I have used nut and bolt to make the hands of stand movable in 1 axis

Then I attached an old body of the pen to the mouth of both the markers by creating two holes in it and inserting the marker tips into it

Then I attached the alligator clips over the end side of the body of the pen with the help of small screws to make it movable (as you can see in the picture)

Step 4: Finishing

Now my stand is almost done and the final step is attaching the lens and painting it

So to attach the lens I used another used pen and a glue gun . Firstly I attached the pen with a hand of lens horizontally at 90 degrees with the help of a nut and bolt to make it rotatable and stuck with the upper part of our created stand

Now the final step I painted it with silver permanent paint to look it like metal and left it to dry

Step 5: Upgrade

Here are some upgrades that I have done on it after using it 2 - 3 months

Here I removed the lens because I don't do SMD soldering so I didn't need it much. Then I attached the soldering stand with the help of small screw so that I don't have to carry extra soldering stand with it

And I added a small led lamp with 3 axis movable joints with an old 3.7-volt rechargeable battery in case I have to do soldering at dark place

Here I am using it from 5-6 months without any problems

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