Introduction: Making Wooden Rack by Utilizing Old Parts of Broken Couch

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Hello, friends welcome back again. So today I am going to share my ossum creation with you. A few months back my old couch completed its life and got broken completely and I just want to recycle it in a useful way so I decided to create a rack by utilizing it's left and right side wooden arms and some long wooden blocks.

So here is how i created it.

Step 1: Tools Materials Used

Here I have used simple tools which is normally can be found in any house.

Iron nails


Wood painting colors

Woodcutting strip


Painting brush

& patience

Step 2: Cutting and Stripping

First of all, I stripped the left and right side wooden arms from the couch and cut its extra designs and parts to make its deck and give it shape like a normal rack

Then I used long wooden blocks to make its stand

So I used four of them and cut them in the same length

Then I used iron nails to stick the wooden blocks with two decks at an appropriate distance

Now I filled every 8 joints with fevicoal to make it strong and unbreakable

Now I left it to dry for 24 hrs

Step 3: Painting

Now I painted the deck with my favorite red color & left it to dry for 24 hrs

Here I painted the deck two times because at first layer of painting it is not looking too shiny and dark so i decided to paint it the second time

Now here every step I have to wait thats why patience I very important here.

Step 4: Designing

Now my rack is almost completed but because I am a lover of colors I decided to perform some simple designs on borders and edges

So When red color dries completely then i used black color to make designs on the edges and some other parts

Here I have used a thin brush

After the design is completed it looks ossum

Step 5: Time to Use It

After waiting for 24 hrs to dry the paint it is ready for use.

Here I have used it for my books and computer and extra kinds of stuff lying around.

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