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Hello friends after a long time today i am here with another cool stuff known as a photo frame. This is a pretty cool idea because we just love hanging family photos, collages, and wallpapers, etc. But the market made products didn't make us very happy and creating our own designs is always exciting. So today in this instructable I am going to provide you some ideas of creating professional or real looking photo frame.

Step 1: Materials Required

So let's check out what stuff we needed to create this photo frame

1:- Paper cutters and scissors

2:- Glue

3:- Bright colored papers

4:- Simple or newspapers for making sticks

5:- Paper cardboard

6:- Tapes and other decorative kinds of stuff

Step 2: Making Sticks

First of all, we are going to create paper sticks which makes our photo frame looking professional. I am sure here that it is not very hard to do.

We can use old newspapers for making sticks or we can also use a4 sized standard paper available in the market.

For coloring either we have to color the sticks or if you want to ignore coloring the sticks then the best idea is to wrap thin colored papers around the sticks.

Here I am using black and red color combination because it is my favorite color combination.

Step 3: Assembling the Cardboard

Now the sticks are made so we have to focus on how to assemble the cardboard. Here the main thing is it depends upon the person creating it that which shape he or she wants to create it.

We can use premade cardboard but if it is not available then we can also use the cover of the old notebooks etc

After defining the favorite shape we have to cover it with the color we have to put in the background.Here i am using light green color as it looks great and bright.

Step 4: Sticking Together

Now our cardboard assembly is done and we have to paste the sticks with cardboard to make a border of the frame.

First, we have to take a plain paper and paste some number the sticks over it with our favorite combination as shown in the picture

Now we have to create 3 more of them of same looking.

When it dries cut the extra paper and its ready.

Paste it over the cardboard

Now here we are left with corners

For corners, I am using small taped papers to join one end with others. It is not necessary because while decorating we can cover the corners with flowers or other stuff.

Step 5: Final Touch (decoration)

Now we are done with the mainframe. We have to decorate it with some paper flowers and other decorative stuff.

Here I am not going to tell you how to make flowers step by step but attaching a video of my previously made project paper flower vase where I have shown how to make a different type of flowers and leaves. So don't worry.


Please comment and give feedback so that I can improve my mistakes.

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