Introduction: Trash to Treasure 7-auto Tatt 2

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First off I apologize for the poor pictures, I didn't keep count of the ones I deleted but I never got a really clear pic.
A little background, some of you may have read my "ible", my daughters started selling the nicer kids toys and stuff at the flea market along with some of their own children's stuff and quickly moved to taking consignments of children's clothes , toys etc. This weekend they are opening their real consignment store! Not bad for 7months!

Step 1: The Idea

I had this toy truck I rescued a while ago, it was all scratched up with some stickers on it, while working on a flyer for the new store I looked up and saw the truck sitting on the shelf and thought, I could put this banner on there !

Step 2: Getting Started 1

the first step was to take the toy truck apart, 2 screws and I had a bunch of pieces. A little brake fluid removed the stickers and glue residue followed by a quick sanding and a good washing with soap and water. I popped the clean pieces in the oven to dry and then painted them a gloss black with a can of spray paint

Step 3: Getting Started 2

I was working on the flyer which also became the store banner and was made into shirts. My printer doesn't give many size options, luckily the wallet sized option fit almost perfectly. I was thinking that I could cut out the lettering I needed but then realized they were REALLY small, when I did a negative image of the flyer I realized I could just cut out a whole panel. Application is easy, a coat of clear acrylic paint will hold the paper in place while you smooth it out, another coat or 3 will protect it. I've done this same technique on cars (it does eventually yellow some if used on windows) and even on a boat.

 These aren't the actual images used, I didn't want to post the phone number. if you're interested you can find then on facebook under sprout consignment jax (they are right next to a UPS store so.....)

Step 4: Reassemble

After letting everything dry well I put the pieces back together. I realized it needed something more so I added white acrylic paint to the roof

Step 5: Finished

Unfortunately Like I said at the beginning I couldn't get a decent pic, the truck is "lettered" on both rear quarter windows and the back door