Introduction: Travel Packing List - Introduction

People often wonder, how can I pack a bag for traveling at a moment’s notice, my bags are usually small and lightweight and I arrive at my destination with everything I need without having to purchase any necessities (which are usually expensive) and I do not pay $50 for overweight baggage at the airport. I was a military brat and I served in the military and I travel a lot to conferences. What makes my travel easier is the travel list I have attached to this instructable. You can download it, and modify it to suit your needs. Once you customize it, save it to your computer and print some copies and keep it in a folder, just in case you have to run home and pack your bags to take a trip, but do not have time to boot up your computer.

To customize the attached list, wake up one morning and write on a piece of paper, things you use throughout the day, and that is what you will need during your trip.

Step 1: Some Tips

My cosmetics, that is liquid, is usually kept in double clear zip-lock bags, because the air-pressure on the plane causes the liquid to escape from the bottles. Also, leave some empty space in the bottle containing the liquid as an extra measure to keep it from exploding due to air pressure.

To shorten packing time, which I have been doing, pre-pack a cosmetic bag in a zip-lock bag and label the contents inside to match packing list. Now you have saved time on a step. Also replace what you use up.

Step 2: Finally

I hope you enjoy this instructable and have a happy and safe trip.

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