Introduction: Travel Watercolor Set

About: I am a retired commercial artist, and art director, for industrial companies.

I went to a dollar store looking for tin boxes to create an instructable that I could use. I found a Sucrets Complete tin of 18 lozenges, packed in three tiers of six each, in their own individual plastic wells.

Step 1:

I removed each of the lozenges from the three trays, and saved them for a future cold. The hardest part was removing all of the foil from the plastic.

Step 2:

After removing all of the foil, and washing out each tray, I filled them with my own watercolor paint. I added a few drops of water, to each color, to dilute, and even out the paint in the tray.

Step 3:

I repeated the previous step with the other two trays. (The hardest part (again) is removing all of the foil.) Now I had three trays with eighteen of my favorite watercolors. I let all of the paint dry completely. I then cut out three seperator sheets (from any thin plastic) to put between them, to keep them from seating into the above tray when stacked into the tin.

Step 4:

Now grab your favorite small brush and sketchbook, and go anywhere to paint. We will be going on a cruise, where packing is at a premium, so this will work out just great. I'll probably even bring my lozenges with me (just in case). Enjoy!