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The tradition states that for your 5th wedding anniversary you should gift your spouse something made of wood. Since my wife gives me wood all the time, I decided to put together a little desk for her little home office in the guest room rather than buy something pre-built. Given the elegance and simplicity of this desk I named it for my wife's nick-name. "The TREBLE CLEF Desk"

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is a small desk.

The one-piece birch plywood Top is 48" x 20" rounded-over with a router on all 4 sides of the top edge.

I used wood glue and four 4" long deck screws to attach the 4 legs, which are simply balusters trimmed to 29.5" and pre-drilled right down the middle. These balusters are upgrade balusters left over from the construction of a luxury home I built. They are substantial compared to most track home balusters.

I used "yard stick" material to create the drawer guides and rear stop which are simple mesh metal organizers from target.

Step 2: Drill 4 Countersunk Holes

3.5 inches from each edge I made space for my deck screws and I wanted ample wood putty to cover the screws.

Step 3: Glue and Screw the Legs

I covered the ends of the shortened balusters with wood glue then screwed them down tightly through the top. Just a bit of glue should squeeze out.

With a speed square, they were very close to perfectly perpendicular.

Don't touch the desk while the glue is drying.

If the glue fails it won't be long until this desk needs repair.

Step 4: Attach Drawer Guides.

A picture is worth 1000 words. The friction on the drawer can be whatever and however you want it. I glued the 2-ply poplar yardstick material before cutting it. When fastening the guides (top down on work bench) I tried to make the drawer loose until the last 1/2" - so that it would stay shut during moving or whatever. Fortunately, you can try repeatedly just make sure you don't drill through the top. Your screws should be countersunk to make the penetration within 3/16th" of the desk top surface.

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    9 years ago

    I love the idea of using the (normally cluttering my desk) wire trays as a little drawer .. because if you are anything like me, you'll be losing everything in the desk drawer; it becomes a junk drawer.