Introduction: Tri D Chess

This instructable documents the build of a modern tri d chess board.

Step 1: Parts

(add knoled image of raw parts)

Most parts are 3d printed with hex nut inserts, aluminum extrusions are used for rigidity of the structure. I used countersunk bolts for conecting the parts but flat bolts might work better since the chamfer on the 3d printed parts is a bit smaL

Step 2: 3d Prints

The conector pieces (part nr. 01 02 03) can be printed as regular I used a 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm layer heigth and 4 bottom and 5 top layers

!! make sure to add the hex nuts in the print !!

for the main and moving decks i used a multi color technique as shown in this video from 'make anything'

but I will quikly go over the steps here


Import models in your prefered slicer and aling all models


rotate the model so the black squares are facing down (models are numerd from 1 to 3(4) with 1 at the botom

step 3:

delete the models you dont want to slice and make sure the models are not automatiticaly put on the bed

step 4:

slice the individual models

spet 5:

sprint models on top of each other without removing the parts from the build plate

(the moving decks have squares on both sides so they can be atathed on above or below the main decks)

Step 3: Cutting the Aluminum Extrusions

(add image)

Here are some drawing for the aluminium profiles to make the cutting easyer

I recoment drilling the hole trough the flat profile after you marked it using the 3d print as a guide

Step 4: Chess Pieces

I realy like this origial looking set but any set with pieces smaller than 60mm schould work

Step 5: Pre Assembly

-atatch the long bolts (part nr. 12) in the moving deck (partnr. 11)

-atatch the flat aluminium to the main deck

Step 6: Assembly

-put the square tube on the conectorq

-put the decks in to place

-place the chess pieces

Step 7: How to Play

rules can be found here, if you start playing it isn't that hard but just takes some extra thougth what your felow payer is going to do.

Step 8: Deck Drawings

I was originaly planing on lasercutting the decks at first but changed to 3d printing because I could not get to the lasercutter in time. Here are the technical drawings of the decks in case you want to make the main deck from a difrent material (plexi, wood, ...)