Introduction: Tricolor Pizza With Spinach Beet Carrot Crust

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I love cooking and baking. I try new and healthy recipes. With a very picky toddler I am trying to include lot of nutrients and vegetables in the food . She likes pizza. So i thought of making vegetable crust.

My daughter loves to help me in the kitchen. Playing Doctor and Cooking is her favorite playtime activity. So I started baking with my toddler. She enjoys stirring, kneading, scooping batter and especially breaking Eggs. During quarantine time baking cake, cup cakes and cookies is a weekly activity for us. After seeing the pizza challenge this week's baking topic is PIZZA


Pizza Crusts

Warm Water - 1 Cup

Active Dry Yeast -2 tsp

All purpose Flour / Wheat flour - 3 3/4 cups

Honey - 2 tsp

Olive oil - 4 tsp

Salt -1 tsp

Spinach puree -1/4 cup

Beetroot puree - 1/4 cup

Carrot puree - 1/4 cup

(Flax seeds, Cashews & Almonds to add with puree)

Toppings (Measurement Based on Your preference)

Pizza Sauce


Cherry Tomatoes


Green Chili

Cheese & Greens of your choice


Step 1: Preparation

1. Combine warm water, yeast and honey in a bowl.Let it rest for 10 minutes

2. In the mean time make puree. Add some Flax seeds, Cashews, Almonds with Spinach, Beetroot and Carrot while making puree to give rich flavor. You can either boil / roast the vegetables or use it as raw. Make the puree as thick as possible to avoid the sticky dough.

**I usually use this puree to make Indian Chapati. Add cumin and chili along with it for adults.

3. Divide the flour into 3 bowls each measuring 1+1/4 cups

Step 2: Knead the Dough

1. Measure 1/3 cup of Yeast water mixture. Add it to the flour along with salt and carrot puree. Mix well.

2. On a floured surface, knead it into smooth dough and all ingredients are fully combined. If its sticky don't panic add little more flour until the dough is smooth.

3. Transfer the dough into a bowl and coat it with 1 tsp of oil.

4. Follow the same steps for the remaining beetroot and spinach puree dough.

I got a lot of help from my little baker. She was very excited to work with the colorful dough. While doing Baking with kids, stick parchment paper on the table for mess free and easy cleaning.

Step 3: Let the YEAST Do Its Magic

Cover with plastic wrap. Keep it in a warm place for 2 hrs. After 2 hrs the dough is doubled in size and ready for use.

Step 4: Dough to Pizza

1. Divide the dough for pizza. You can also refrigerate the dough up to 4 days for later use.

2. Combine the 3 dough. We made one 10 inch pizza. Thick or Thin crust based on your preference. Brush it with Oil.

My daughter wanted to do Braided, Flower and Star shapes. So we had a little fun making it. Don't put too much pressure on the dough like making bread. Gently roll the dough horizontally and do the braid.

For the Flower shape we layered the dough and in between the layers, brush oil , pizza sauce, garlic, oregano and little amount of cheese. Cut the dough from corner and twist it together to make a petal.

Step 5: Toppings

1. Brush the crust with Oil. Poke the crust with fork.

2. Spread pizza sauce and add toppings of your choice.

We added crushed garlic, onion, tomatoes , cheese, herbs, greens and chili for adult pizza . You can sprinkle more cheese when you take the pizza out and still hot.

Transfer it to the baking sheet.

Step 6: Bake

Preheat oven to 475 degree F. Put the baking sheet and bake for 10 -15 minute.

Adjust the time based on your oven.

Step 7: Final Test

Crispy 10 inch pizza and Soft Braided & Star pizza is ready. Cut and Serve.We can taste the beetroot, Spinach and carrot flavor in the pizza mildly.

She was impatient to let the pizza cool down and can't wait to check the pizza. Finally My Little Picky Critic is checking and SUCCESS!! She likes the pizza.

Hope you like it too.

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