Introduction: Triforce IPhone Case

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This AWESOME case goes very well with all of your rolls and special attacks! (It also goes well with matching ring and necklace)

This Triforce iPhone case is easy and simple to make =D Better yet, it only costs 20 rupees: YAY!

This case will take up very little space in your inventory sooo that means you have more room for smells, letters, bugs, rupees, weapons, and everything that you could possible put in your inventory!!!!

Save travels!!!! Don't let Midna bother you tooo much!!!!!! =D

Step 1: What U Need........

~Black duct tape

~Gold duct tape

~iPhone case

~Scissors (if u want to cut the duct tape, I just rip it)

Step 2: Base Color

Rip or cut off some pieces of black duct tape and cover the iPhone case with it. Make sure that you don't cover up the button and camera holes. (Try your best to make it look neat with no air bubbles. Your's should look as good or better than mine)

Step 3: Gold Triangle

Next, cut off a piece of gold duct tape roughly 2 inches. Then, fold it until it looks like a good triangle. When u have it to a triangle, make sure that it fits or is a tiny bit bigger than your iPhone case. Keep it close because we are going to need it for the next step

Step 4: Sorry, I Lost the Photos for This Step Because the App Crashed =[

Rip or cut off a piece roughly 1 inch and fold it just like u did for the gold triangle. Place it on the gold triangle UPSIDE DOWN and flip the whole thing over. Tape down the BLACK corners coming off to the BACK of the gold triangle. Place it on top of iPhone case to see how it looks.

Step 5: Placing the 'Connector'

For this step, you can either use glue or duct tape (I used duct tape because it was easier and faster than glue). Flip the duct tape Triforce over and roll up some duct tape sooo that both sides are sticky. Push the sticky duct tape down on the back of the Triforce and get ready to the final steps......

Step 6: Finishing Touches

You can just put the Triforce on the iPhone case if u want........


You can add a design to the case also (like you can put 'Legend of Zelda' or 'Link' or what ever u want)

Step 7: 'You Found a Rupee!'

You are done now!!!! 'You found a rupee!' Now go out on your adventures with your new Triforce iPhone =D

What are you waiting for? Go save Princess Zelda!