Trilobite Knot




Introduction: Trilobite Knot

This knot is based on the trilobite knot presented in "Decorative Fusion Knots" by J. D, Lenzen.

The original version used paracord and the ends were melted.

I had to make changes so that natural material can be used.

You will need a hemostat (forceps, needle nose pliers)

Step 1:

Middle your cord to make the loop for your trilobite.

Step 2:

Bring the right hand end over the loop forming a small bight.

Step 3:

Bring the other over, under the loop and up through the bight.

Step 4: Tie the First Segment

Each segment consists of three motions

First motion: Bring right hand end R around the bight.

Step 5:

Second motion: Bring Left hand end L over, under two and over.

Step 6:

Third motion: Bring R over two and under one.

Step 7:

Repeat motion one.

Step 8:

Repeat motion two.

Step 9:

Repeat motion three.

Step 10:

Continue in this manner until desired length is met.

Step 11:

Wit hemostat grab an end and pull it through the loops on one side

Step 12:

Flip the knot over and repeat with the other end.

Step 13: Tightening the Knot

This is a gradual process DO NOT try to take all the slack out in one go. It takes several rounds if tugging.

Start on either side and pull on the bight nearest the loop.

Step 14:

Flip the knot and tug un the second night (takes out the slack from bight one).

Step 15:

Flip the knot and tug on the next bight

Step 16:

Flip and repeat.

Step 17:

Flip and repeat.

Step 18:

Continue in this manner until the slack from the last bight is removed. Red X

Step 19:

That will lead to one of the ends. Pull on this end to complete the first round of tightening.

Repeat this process several times until all the slack is removed.

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Question 1 year ago on Step 19

What is the length of rope you use. This a pretty cool knot


Answer 1 year ago

Thank you. I used about 3" (one meter) of cotton cord for this project. There were about 8" left over to be cut off.
You can make the trilobite as long or short as you want. You do not have to stick with the size that I made.


Reply 1 year ago

Thank you, I appreciate it.