Introduction: Troll-bag

Hello Everyone!
What I made is a famous "meme"-schoolbag. Of course I didn't make the bag it self, but I'll show you how to personalize a schoolbag for a very low price. 
All what you'll need is:

- A cheap light coloured bag (I used the free ones from lipton, but other colours like white, pastel blue, green... will do as good as the yellow one.)

- A black (or dark) textile marker (You can find them in nearly all school material shops, the're easy to find)
- A printer to print what design you want on your bag


- The best moment of the day for making your bag is a shiny day or the moment of the day with most light.
- You make a document and copy paste an image from google you want on your bag. The point of using a document is that you can expand your image and adjust it to paper size. When you're watching for an image, and you don't want a meme on it, write "vector image" after the thing you are looking for. Remember: you only want the lines for not getting confused.
-Once you have all your stuff, the only thing that's left to do is TRACING the image on your bag. Putting the image IN the bag and tracing it on the outside. 
If you can't see the lines you have to trace, try putting a little lamp inside the bag, that will do :)

Good Luck!