Introduction: Trophy,Flag Holder and Wine Glass From Plastic Bottle

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Most of us often see trash as a waste or a pile of unused items and do not think how valuable it can be if we try to make something out of it .

And yes guys,this "Trash to Treasure" contest is the best place to display your creative minds and make people believe,how trash or waste items (especially plastic bottles) can be turned into valuable items instead of just disposing it off and polluting the environment.

I made a small trophy,country flag holder and wine glass from old plastic bottle.It's very easy and i think everyone should give it a try.

Step 1: Some Basic Tools and Materials Needed


  • Scissor
  • Screwdriver
  • Plier
  • Knife
  • Soldering iron


  • Plastic bottles
  • Screws
  • epoxy

Step 2: Building Plastic Bottle Trophy

Take two bottles.Cut one bottle from top and other one from bottom.We will need the upper part of bottle(the conical one) and the other one whose bottom has been cut.

Now take the left over plastic part of bottle and cut it into small piece and then roll it like a pipe.Insert one end of rolled pipe into lower plastic part (the conical one) and then push the other end into the plastic part whose bottom has been cut.

Cut two long strips of plastic and bend both its end.Make hole at both the ends as well as on the trophy.Take the handle and fix it to the upper part of trophy with screw and nut.

You can decorate it by painting the trophy or with any decorating material.

Step 3: Building Plastic Bottle Flag Holder

Take one bottle.Cut the plastic bottle from top and also from the bottom.Cut the left over centre part of plastic bottle as well.Make a small cut at the centre of plastic part and Roll it like a pipe and insert its one end into the conical part of bottle.

Open the edge part and stick your country flag on it.You can even decorate it by painting on it.

Step 4: Wine Glass From Plastic Bottle

Cut plastic bottle from bottom as well as from top.Make hole on the cap and at the centre of bottom part.Fix the cap with screw and nut to the bottom part and cover the screw with epoxy so the liquid will not leak.Now fix the conical part to the cap and its done.

Step 5: And You Are Done!!!

Its very simple to make and i hope you will use the trophy in your local sports tournaments.ALLL THE BESTT!!!!

You can keep the flag holder on your office desk.

Enjoy your dinner date with wine in plastic bottle wine glass.

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