Introduction: Troubleshooting the Need for Stuffie Study Breaks

Do you occasionally find, too late, that Stuffie needs a study break during class?

Here are a few easy steps at recognizing the signs that Stuffie needs a study break... STAT.

Step 1: Set a Baseline

Watch Stuffie as he participates in a class as usual. Take care to notice the level of attention he gives the speaker.

Step 2: Heed Early Warning Signs

Does Stuffie appear to be staring off into space? Has he moved at all (even slightly twitching) within a 15-minute time span, or does he appear to be practicing meditative breathing?

Step 3: Recognize Intermediate Warning Signs

Is it clear that Stuffie's attention has begun to wander to topics other than those being discussed by the speaker? (The desktop of Stuffie's digital device may provide valuable information for this step.)

Step 4: Differentiate Between Types of Movement

Has Stuffie's attention begun to wander even further? Has he begun to spend an inordinate amount of time switching between his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, or is he staring blankly at the PandaCam?

Check his breathing closely.

Step 5: Acknowledge Obvious Clues

Has Stuffie relocated to a spot where it's potentially more difficult to maintain a certain level of attention to the class speaker? Is his movement around the room now creating a distraction for you or others in the room?

Step 6: More Obvious Clues

Are you getting "The Look" from Stuffie?

You know the silent that it speaks volumes.

Step 7: Remove Stuffie From the Environment

Get Stuffie outside for a breath of fresh air. If possible, provide him with a drink of water (Snack Fairy fruit-infused water works especially well in warmer weather).

Step 8: Allow Stuffie to Move Around

The more movement Stuffie makes, the more focused he will be when he returns to the classroom. No motion is too small, but movement of limbs is highly encouraged.

Step 9: If Necessary, Allow for a Snack. or a Quick Rest. or Both.

Stuffies do not live on fruit-infused water alone. Be generous with the snacks you provide, keeping in mind that healthy options provide improved behaviors.

Allow for some downtime in a quiet location. Brain breaks are a valuable asset to getting Stuffie back on track.

Recognizing a few important clues will allow you to help Stuffie make the most of of any educational experience.