Introduction: Truly Outrageous JEM Makeup!

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If you grew up in the 80's, there's no question you were enthralled by the adventures of rockstar Jem and the many adventures she and her girl band, the Holograms, embarked on. Now you can look like Jem without having to invent Synergy or a pair of hologram earrings!

Step 1: Apply Base & Outline

Apply foundation, concealer, & liquid highlighter to cheekbones for added sparkle!

I chose to create a makeup inspired by the Jem & the Holograms logo instead of going with a literal re-creation of Jem's rockstar makeup. Trace a star around your eye using white eyeliner pencil or white shadow. I printed one out on paper, cut it out, and used that for a stencil to get my shape perfect.

Step 2: Fill in Your Star

Fill in your star, first with white eyeshadow as a base, then with color, starting at the top with yellow, then fading into pink, then fading into violet. I used the same eyeshadow brush going from top to bottom without cleaning in between colors to aid in the blending. I also added a bit of orange where the yellow & pink blended together & a bit of dark blue-violet at the very bottom of the star.

Step 3: Outline

Outline your star in black. You can use liquid liner, gel liner, or eyeshadow on a thin wetted brush. I'm using Kat Von D's Ink liquid liner pen. After you're done outlining, you can use a q-tip dipped in moisturizer to clean up any uneven or bleeding edges.

Step 4: Complete Your Look

Add a smoky eye on your other eye (see my smoky eye tutorial to learn how!); recommended colors are purple, blue, or black, but let your imagination be your only restriction. Add winged liner and false lashes (glitter or hologram lashes would be excellent for this look!).

I chose to define my eyebrows with purple shadow instead of brown. To achieve this look, dampen an angled eyebrow brush, dip it in your chosen eyeshadow color, place it sideways against your brow, and sweep across your brow, shifting the brush to its angled tip at the tail. You can even do an ombre brow by starting with a light color, like pink, ending in a dark color, like violet, and blending in the middle. This technique works best on light-colored brows.

Apply hot-pink blush in sharp, saturated streaks beginning at the top of your brow and ending just below the apples of your cheeks-- more in the area where you usually place your contour than where you usually place your blush. Resist the urge to blend-- blending apparently did not exist in the 80's.

Add a shimmery, frosty pale pink lipstick on top of a matching pale pink lipliner.

Step 5: Rock Out!

Don a hot pink shag wig if you have one, some big sparkly earrings, and ROCK OUT! Be Truly Outrageous and be yourself :)