Introduction: Trump Vs Clinton Papercraft Play Set

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Are you disappointed by the tone of the 2016 election?

Have you found the debates too respectful?

Have you wanted to see the candidates go properly head to head in actual combat?

Well now you can with the Trump vs Clinton Papercraft Play Set.

Unlike the actual election, you can re-run the combat until you get the result you want.

All the fun of the 2016 election with none of the terrifying consequences.

Step 1: What You Need

To make your 2016 Election Play Set you will need:

The Hillary and Donald characters downloaded and printed onto cardstock. I used a heavyweight coated inkjet paper (Epson Archival Matte Paper) which gave really good colour rendering but any cardstock between 180 and 300 gsm should give good results.

Two Fizzbits.

Some Glue. Using something solvent based like UHU makes the build quick and easy but you need to have a window open and to avoid over using it. You can use PVA but it takes much longer to dry.

A Knife. The best is a scalpel, X-ACTO knife or similar. I used a Stanley Knife. You can also get away with using scissors.

A cutting mat. Essential if you are using a knife.

Some double-sided foam tape or sticky fixers. You can get away with regular double-sided tape but the foam stuff is better.

Step 2: Cut Out All of the Parts

Carefully cut around the solid black lines removing the candidates and their accessories from the printouts.

Step 3: Fold Along the Dotted Lines

Fold along the dotted lines to build up the shapes of the candidates and their accessories. The smartphones and trolls are just 2D but double-sided so they just fold in half. The other parts are all 3D so folding builds up the 3D shape. When you have done all the folds on one piece apply the glue to the tabs and stick it together.

Step 4: Attach the Fizzbits

Cut a small piece of foam tape (or use a sticky fixer) and attach it to the bottom of the Fizzbit under the motor, roughly where it says 'Fizzbit'. Remove the backing paper from the other side of the tape (to reveal the other sticky side. Push the Fizzbit up through the base of each figure and poke the USB connector through the slot at the back of their head. Push the motor down so that it sticks to the inside of the top surface. With its Fizzbit attached your candidate is now ready for battle.

Step 5: Prepare the Battle Platform

It's great to run your election battle on some sort of platform so that it's obvious which candidate has one (by pushing off the other). I used a small cardboard box but anything with a flat top surface will do.

Step 6: Charge Both Candidates

Plug the USB connectors that should be sticking out of the backs of the candidates heads into two USB ports. Leave them charging for 30 seconds. Be careful never to exceed 1 minute of charging because it could damage your Fizzbits. After 30 seconds unplug both candidates at the same time and place them opposite eachother on the platform. Make sure to release them at the same time, to ensure it's a fair and unbiased contest.

Step 7: Watch the Contest Unfold

Watch the battle! Whichever candidate leaves the platform first is the loser. If you don't get the result you want don't fear! Unlike the actual election you can re-run this contest as many times as you want until you get the result you were hoping for.

If there's someone you wish was in the presidential race but isn't why not make a papercraft version of them and see how they fair against the official Republican and Democrat candidates? You can use one of the blank figure templates from the Crafty Robot website as a starting point. We'd love to see what you make!

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