Introduction: Trunk-Or-Treat Hansel and Gretel Cottage

Almost everything bought was from the dollar tree. Candy was bought at Sam's Club, but you could just as easily buy it at your preferred store! The exact amount of the supplies used will vary with the size of your car, or your own personal preference on how the house looks.

Supplies you'll need:

- Poster Trifolds (preferably white on one side and brown on the other)

- Colored Paper Plates (Pick a few different colors)

- Kabob Skewers (cut pointy ends off)

- Packing Tape and Regular Tape

- Scissors

- Tissue Paper (You can use any color you'd like, I used white with sparkles)

- Pen

-White Duct Tape

- Pole or Stick

- Exacto Blade

- Candy!

Step 1: Making the Walls (part 1)


- 2 Trifolds

- Packing tape


Line the edges of the two tri-folds up and use the packing tape to attach them. Two pieces of tape on each of the thinner sides, and three or four in the larger middle. Try to stay away from the seams of the tri-fold as you will want them to bend.

Step 2: Making the Walls (Part 2)


- 8 Kabob Skewers

-Packing tape


Place two skewers on both of the thinner sides, and four or five in the middle. Space them out a few inches as you see fit, and when you're ready, use the packing tape to secure them in place.

Repeat step 1 and 2 for each wall of the gingerbread house.

Step 3: Making the Roof


- 2 Tri-folds

- Packing Tape

- Scissors

- Skewers

- A tall stick or pole


Cut one of the thin panels off of one tri-fold and attach the remaining two panels to the other tri-fold. Follow the steps used in making a wall. There are a few different ways you could make a pitch for the roof, the one I chose to go with was a stick that steepled the roof.

Step 4: Roofing and Siding


- Paper plates

- Scissors

Directions :

Using scissors cut the paper plates like shown in the picture. Try to get the best circle you can as these will go on the walls of the house.

Put the edges of the plates aside, for now, we'll be using them later. The circles will be used in the next step of the process.

Step 5: Siding


- Paper plate circles

- Packing Tape


Pick out where you want to place the different colored dots on the sides of the house. Once you have them placed where you like them, tape them down. The packaging tape needs to cover the entire dot.

Step 6: Roofing


- Edges of the paper plates

- Packing tape


You can do this two ways:

1) Tape edges together and create a chain which you tape to the roof.


2) Individually place and tape the edges to the roof.

Either way, you want to replicate the look of shingles on a roof

Step 7: Assembly and Set Up


- White duct tape

- Tissue paper

- Stick or pole

- Regular tape

- Candy

- Pen ( Optional )

- 1 Skewer ( Optional )

- Exacto knife to cut out a door ( Optional )


Once you've made everything and are ready to put it all together, attach the sides with white duct tape to look like the frosting gingerbread houses use. Steeple the roof with a stick or pole. Attach tissue paper to the interior of the gingerbread house to cover up the open space. If you want, you can cut a door into the front facing wall of the house.

When you're done with assembling, then comes the fun! With regular tape attach candy to the dots that you taped on the walls.

( Optional: If you want, you can make a sign using tape, a skewer, and a pen that says something about how many pieces to take, "beware of witch", "Hansel and Gretel", etc! )

Step 8: Have Fun!

Finally! You get to enjoy all of your work now. Personally I ended up sitting on the inside of the house and when a kid came up I would shout "Who's eating my house?!" However, my mother and I developed a code to tell me if the kid was super young. I didn't want to scare any tiny tots and ruin Halloween for them, I would recommend doing this if you're going to be somewhere that very small children that scare easy might be.

Have fun and remember to have a happy, safe Halloween!

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