Introduction: Truth & Dare Game With Arduino & Cardboard

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Asalam O Alikum!

Again Welcome to my another Instructable.

I am writing this instructable to show that how can we make “Truth&Dare” game using Arduino.

The game is simple you need more then one players.They have to press button attached to arduino and

Any led will be turned on.And there will be written either Truth or Dare.Then you will have to pick any paper from compartments back to the led(either truth or dare).

It was very interesting project.I enjoyed while making it.

So let’s get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Step 1: Making of Box

  • Take any cardboard packaging Box.(Image 1)
  • · Open it up,like shown in image.
  • · Cut the base about 9 inches or 24 cm.
  • · Make side walls for box about 12cm high.
  • · Box that I made have width of 24 cm and height of 12cm.
  • · Make four compartments ,two compartments should be larger than other two.(Image 8)
  • · Two small compartments at the front will be used for arduino and battery pack .(Image 8)

Note: Measurements used in this instructable are just reference so this means that you can choose any size like you want,According to size of box you have.

Step 2: Step 2 : Led Indication Hole

  • Take two old bottle caps of different colors and mark their sizes on the front wall of box.(Img 1 & 2)
  • · Next cut those marked areas.
  • Attach those caps to box with the help of Hot Glue.(IMG 3)

Step 3: Step 3: Circuitary Part

Take Two Leds(Red & Blue) with 220 ohm resistors.

One push button with 220 ohm resistors.

Some wires for connections.

A on/off switch(Slide Button) (IMG 1,2,3)

Battry Connector.(You can make these clips by extracting them from old 9v battries.) (IMG 4)

An arduino uno and wire and laptop.

Connect wirs and leds according to circuit diagram.(IMG 6)

Upload code.(AT CODE SECTION).


Note : Every pin and connection is shown and mentioned clearly.But still if you find any part missing or your are unable to understand,you can ask me in comment section below.

Step 4: Step 4 : CODE

Arduino Code Is attached.Simply Download it and open it in Arduino IDE.

Upload it.


This is simple arduino code in which first I
declared some led’s pins as output.

Then used Random Seed() Function.In loop both leds ar blinking continuously with some delay.

And whenever I press push button random number of led turns on for 900 ms.

Step 5: Last Step : Presentation

For titles like "Dare and Truth" and "Random Creations" simply print it.(img 1)


Step 6: This Is My Video Which I Uploaded on My Youtube Channel.

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