Introduction: Tuna and Vegetable Soup - Microwave

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Super good even my toddlers like this soup. If you have celery and fresh chives, throw them in too, makes the soup more colorful and extra tasty.

This makes 4 servings, enough for 2 adults and 2 kids!

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

2 c water

1 large potato, peeled, cubed tiny

1/4 c each chopped onion and carrot (and celery if you have)

1 tsp Worchestershire sauce

1/2 tsp salt

3 cubes chicken/beef bouillon

1 small can corn kernel, drained (or 3/4 c fresh or frozen - thawed)

1 can tuna, drain, flaked

1 c half and half (light or heavy cream is fine too)

coriander leaf to garnish

a dash freshly ground pepper if it's not served to kids

and a tsp fresh chives, chopped, if you have

macaroni or noodle pasta, to serve with, if you like

In microwave proof casserole, combine everything down to buillon, cover, heat on high for 20 minutes (vegetables should be tender).

Stir in tuna and canned corn plus half and half, heat for another 5 minutes long

NOTE: if you are using fresh or thawed frozen, after the first 20 mins, add in corn and cook for another 20 mins until corn are tender, then proceed with tuna and the rest

Serve with pasta (pour enough macaroni into microwave proof bowl, cover with hot water and heat on high for 9-12 mins until tender) and garnish with coriander leaf

Enjoy :)

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