Introduction: Turn Decorative Pumpkins Into Baby Yoda & Space Pod, With Added Jack-O-Lantern Lights!

Hi Everyone! Here I have the cutest little Baby Yoda, as well his space pod and jack-o-lantern lights all made out of decorative foam pumpkins!! It is a very simple and quick DIY project and the main supply is decorative foam pumpkins. Everyone loves Baby Yoda so why not make him out of pumpkins to add to your Halloween decorations :)


  • 1 small decorative foam filled pumpkin
  • 4 mini decorative foam filled pumpkins (I found them in a pack at Joann's)
  • Light and dark green paint
  • Light and dark grey paint
  • Orange paint
  • A small amount of white, pink, black, and brown paint
  • A small amount of stuffing
  • An exacto knife
  • Two safety eyes
  • Wire
  • Small lights
  • Grey fabric
  • Brown fabric
  • Beige fabric
  • 1 felt white fabric sheet
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 1: Making the Space Pod

*For making the space pod you will need the small artificial foam filled pumpkin, an exact-o knife, grey fabric, two safety eyes, a glue gun, and light and dark grey paint.

  • The first thing I did was take out the stem of the pumpkin, then using the exact-o knife, I cut a quarter of the pumpkin out.
  • After I cut out a quarter of the pumpkin I used the exact-o knife and my fingers to remove the middle area of the foam, leaving only a border of foam, so that once Baby Yoda is made he can nicely fit in his little space pod, you can make sure Baby Yoda will fit by seeing if you mini pumpkin can fit inside.
  • I then found two safety eyes and glued them to each angle of the pumpkin so that the hole from when I took out the stem would not look like a hole, and to add some detail to the space pod.
  • After that I lined the inside were the foam was by using the glue gun to glue the fabric to the inside of the space pod as well as the edges.
  • The last thing I did was paint the exterior of the pumkin with light grey paint and the two safety eyes with dark grey paint. And for a finishing touch I painted dark grey rectangle in the front of the space pod.

Now the space pod is done all it has to do is dry!

Step 2: Making Baby Yoda's Face

*For this part all you need is one of the mini pumpkins, the light and dark green paint, and some white, pink, brown, and black paint

  • The first thing I did was paint one of the mini pumpkins in light green, I then let it dry.
  • Once that was dry using a pencil I sketched Baby Yoda's face, and then I painted his face using the other colors of paint.
  • Then I just let it dry.

Now his little face is done!

Step 3: Making the Felt Pieces

*For this part all you need is the white felt fabric sheet, the light green paint used to paint his head, some pink paint, and a glue gun.

Making the Felt Ears:

  • For this part, the first thing I did was cut out 2 pieces of the shape in the first image above. Then a painted them both in the light green color I used for painting his head, make sure to paint the front and back. Then I added some pink to the center of both pieces. Once they had dried, using the glue gun I glued the ends together so the pieces looked more like ears, and that's all for the ears!

Making the Felt Feet:

  • For this part cut out the same shape as the ears just smaller and this time 6 pieces. (I bent them in half after I cut them and trimmed them down to the size I liked for his toes.) Then I painted both sides of each piece and let them dry. Once they were dry a used the glue gun to fold them in half and make 3 toes. Once I did that I glued 3 of the 6 toes together and then I glued the other 3 toes together, finishing off the feet.

Making the Felt Hands:

  • For this part I cut the same shape as the feet pieces, but a little smaller than the feet pieces, and I cut 6 pieces again. I then painted both sides of each of the 6 pieces, and then set them to the side to dry. Once they were dry I folded them in half and used the glue gun to secure them, like I did with the feet. Then I glued 3 of the 6 fingers together and then glued the last 3 fingers together, making two hands.

Step 4: Making the Body and His Clothes

For this part all you need is wire and beige fabric.

Making the Body:

  • For this part I used the wire to create his body by folding the wire to make his spine, two arms, two legs, and a neck. ( I used the wire so that he could sit down in his space pod and so his hands and feet could move!)

Making the Clothes:

  • First I cut the cloth in a rectangle that was the length of the body and pretty long. I then stuck the two wire arms through the fabric. (do not wrap the fabric tightly around the body just have the wire arms sticking out a little bit.) Then I glued the fabric together in the back so that it closed around his body nicely. Then I cut two rectangles and glued them together at each end to make two sleeves, and then I glued the sleeves where the arms are to finish off his clothing.

Step 5: Putting Baby Yoda Together

For this part you need all the pieces you made earlier for Baby Yoda, stuffing, and brown fabric.

  • The first thing I did was attach the ears to the head using the hot glue gun.
  • Then I attached the head to the wire neck made in the last step using the glue gun. I then cut a slit in the back of his clothes so that the head would fit better, and so I could push it down a little more.
  • Then I attached the hands to the wire inside the sleeve using the glue gun.
  • After that I attached the feet to the two leg wires at the bottom.
  • The last thing I did was add some hair to his head using the stuffing, and cut a small square out of the brown fabric to make a blanket, and Baby Yoda is done!

Step 6: Making the Jack-O-Lantern Lights

For this part you need 3 mini pumpkins, orange paint, an exact-o knife, and mini lights.

  • The first thing I did was cut each pumpkin in half using the exact-o knife ( first make sure to take out the stems but don't throw them away we will use them later.) Once I did that I used the exact-o knife and took out as much of the inner foam as I could.
  • I then made a different face in each of the 3 pumpkin halves. I also made a small hole at the bottom of each half for the lights to fit through.
  • Once I did that I glued each of the 3 halves with faces to the 3 halves without faces. Then I glued the stems of the pumpkin back into each pumpkin.
  • After that I painted each pumpkin orange and set them aside to the side to dry.
  • Once they were dry, I got the lights and stuffed two or three lights of the line of lights in each pumpkin and spaced them apart by two lights, finishing off the jack-o-lantern lights.

Now every thing is done and you have a cool new decoration to add to to your halloween decorations that you made yourself out of decorative pumpkins! :)

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