Introduction: Turn a Dead Clock Into a Fancy Tray!

A dead clock was lying behind my curtain for a long time. Many a times I had thought of throwing the miserable clock in the waste bin,but couldn't because my mother wouldn't allow. While looking at the clock earlier in the day for the umpteenth time,an unknown ecstasy had captured me. I finally discovered what to do with this trash!


Things You'll need

1)An old clock(I took a round shaped one)


3)Furniture cleaner(optional)

4)Plywood straps bundle/plywood packing strapping

5)Wood glue



Step 1: Take a Dead Clock

The first step!

Step 2: Adjusting the Clock

Remove all the dials,machine,clock hands and extras from the clock.

As you can see, the clock I have used is ship's wheel shaped.So, I decided to remove all the handles except the two.The remaining two handles will be facing each other at the opposing direction, so that the handles can be used as a tray handle.

Step 3: Clean the Clock

Use furniture cleaner to clean the clock.(the clock I have used is made of wood. So I have used Wood furniture cleaner).But this step is totally optional!

Step 4: Take Scissor in Hand and Cut Plywood Straps As Desired Length

Take a bundle of plywood straps and measure the clock's diameter. Then, cut straps accordin to the clock's diameter.

Step 5: Decorate Your Clock

With plywood straps,decorate your clock as your wish. I have followed a pattern similar to the Sunburst pattern.

Step 6: Add Extra Decoration

I have covered the handles with red&white thread. I have also glued a circle which I've cut from a red cardboard on the top. But you can use any other extra decorations if you like :)

Step 7: Finish

Now I'm ready with a fancy tray to serve tea and cookies.If you've done the project,capture a pic and share it with me.I will wait for it!(Shh. Don't tell anyone your secret.okay? :D :D)

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