Introduction: Turn a Maxi Skirt Into a Cute Jumper

Maxi skirts can be great and look amazing, but sometimes they just don't quite work. Instead of getting rid of it, turn it into a cute stylish jumper! I found this vintage 60s maxi skirt with a pretty pattern. It fit, but it didn't look right on me when I got it home so I decided to turn it into something fun.

Thing you will need:

  1. sewing machine
  2. scissors
  3. pins
  4. chalk or a bar of soap
  5. measuring tape

Step 1: Cut Skirt to Desired Length

  • Measure the length you want your skirt to be plus about an inch for seam allowance. Use a measuring tape or ruler and pin all around at that length. Cut the excess fabric off and save for the bib top.

Step 2: Hem the Skirt

  • Double turn the hem under all around the bottom of the skirt. Pin and sew to create a nice finished hem

Step 3: Make the Bib

  • Use a template from an outfit you already have to trace the shape of the top bib on the extra fabric you saved. I used chalk but you can also use a bar of soap. Trace a little wider than the template to account for seam allowance. You can also make your own shape if you don't have something to trace. (I had to retrace mine because I have buttons going down the center)

Step 4: Finish the Side Edges of the Bib

  • Double turn the edges in. Pin and sew to create a nice finished side when wearing.

Step 5: Attach Bib to Skirt

  • Pin the right sides together of the skirt and bib top.
  • Measure to make sure the bib is in the center of the skirt.
  • Sew them together and flip the bib up to be in the right position. Mine has buttons going down the length so I sewed it in two parts to keep the buttons functional.

Step 6: Finish Top Edge of Bib

  • Double turn in the top edge of the bib. You can make this a small fold or wider if the bib is too long after trying it on.
  • Pin and sew to create a nice finished edge. (Again mine has button so I sewed it in two parts. You can just sew straight across without buttons)

Step 7: Make the Straps

  • Use your measuring tape to measure from the bib top over the shoulder to the edge of skirt back to get the length needed for the straps.
  • Cut two strips of fabric to this length. I wanted mine to be two inch wide straps when done so I cut the strips about 5" wide to account for seam allowance. (4" for straps and 1" for seam allowance. Folded in half that's 2.5" total)
  • Fold the strips in half with right sides together.
  • Pin and sew down the length.
  • Turn the fabric inside out to get the straps.

Step 8: Attach Straps to Bib and Skirt

  • Fold the edges of the strap under just a little to make nice edges on both ends. Sew. (I didn't get a picture of this step, but it's pretty straightforward.)
  • Pin the straps to the front inside of the bib at the outer edge leaving a little fabric below the edge for seam allowance. Sew across
  • Find where you want the back straps to be on the back of the skirt and pin them down leaving a little fabric inside the skirt for seam allowance. Sew across. I made mine cross over each other but they can be straight down too.

Step 9: Iron the Straps and You Have a Finished Jumper Dress!

  • Iron the straps to make them lay flat.
  • Voila! Finished cute jumper. :)