Introduction: Turn Your White Canvas Shoes Into Colourful Triple Toned Striped Shoes Using Dye

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Who wants a plain boring white shoes? No, I don't want. If you are like me, I will show how to turn them to a colorful one using dyes and fabric paint.Lets dive into the project.

Step 1: Materials Required

Plain White Canvas shoes

Two colour liquid dye /Dye powder

Plastic / stainless container

Warm water

1 cup salt


Foam brush

Masking tape

Black fabric paint

Sample fabric to test the colour

Step 2: Preparing the Dye Bath and Dyeing the First Color

There are many ways to dye a material /shoe and the dyeing process also differs according to the type of material used.So,I would recommend you to read the instructions at the back of the package before you dye.I used Dip dye method as I wanted to use 2 colors in same shoe.

Before starting to dye,simply wet your white shoes in normal water. Another important point is "Don't forget to wear gloves while dyeing to prevent your hands from dye".

Fill half of the container with warm water and 2 tablespoons of salt. Mix well and add small amount of dye in the starting stage(I used liquid dye), mix well again. Now, take the sample piece of fabric and dip it inside the dye bath. Take out to check whether the color is okay for you. If you feel it is lighter ,you can add more dye. I felt the color was okay for me , so I immersed the first half of the shoe inside the dye bath and left it there for about 15 minutes.

The container I used had a large base(as shown), so the shoes kept slipping inside the bath. (Tried to clip on ,but couldn't). If you want to avoid this, take a container which has a narrow bottom so that when you want to dye half portion of the shoe, it will be perfect. After the first trial of dyeing I added more dye and dyed the front portion a little dark and leaving it inside the bath for another 15 minutes. (I kept some stones inside the shoes to make it stand !! But then, I was checking it for every 5 minutes).

Step 3: Dyeing the Second Color

As I was thinking a bit to use the same container for the other side, I followed a different method to dye the second color.But if you are using a narrow bottom container , you can follow the same steps as you did for the first color.For the method I followed, prepare the dye bath and use a foam brush to dye. (Because I don't want the red color to mix with teal color). Dip the brush in dye bath and paint as you would do with normal paint. The more coating you give, the darker the color. I did a little blending of colors in the middle part of the shoe,result of which ended in some violet shades.Cool, right?

If you want to dye the lace , do the same procedure. Do keep it mind that the dye smears little above the area you expect the material to be dyed but it ended in lighter shades of blue and pink as I did not wait for long time. If you want a darker shades of teal and red ,immerse it in the dye bath for longer time.

Step 4: Rinsing and Drying

Rinse it in warm water, then in cool water until water runs clear.(Warm water helps to rinse the residual dye in the surface effectively).Wash it in such a way the lighter portion of the material dyed should be up.When doing it for the double color project like this, do this step for first half separately and then the other half so that the colors won't mix up.Let the shoes take sun bath ;) until it dries completely.Once it is dry, put the laces on and you are ready to wear the shoes.

Step 5: Adding Stripes

This step is totally optional.If you want to add stripes to your shoes.Use masking tape and black fabric paint to add stripes all over your shoes and let it dry. It is that easy :). Rock the summer with your new and colorful shoes.

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