Introduction: Turning a Hobby or Favorite Topic Into a Picture Showcase

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Do you have a hobby you want to show off, but everyone says you are annoying about it? Do you love lighthouses, want to see them, but don't want an entire bookcase of knick knacks you need to dust every month?

Show it off without saying a word! It just might get your friends talking about it without your help. Then when they complain, you can say "Hey, you started it!"

Make a display on your wall (any wall, any size, anywhere) of your favorite hobby or favorite topic.

Step 1: Find the Theme

Find a miniature calendar of your favorite

  • hobby
  • animal
  • car
  • scenic view
  • sports team
  • foodie pictures
  • whatever

You can find these especially around Christmas time, in the malls, and in book stores. If you wait until after the holidays, you can find them at a discount. The best ones are a 6x6 inch size. They come in a great variety of styles. has some great ones.

Step 2: Get Some Simple Supplies

Once you have your calendar, find

12 scrapbook papers, in a design or color you like, at any craft shop. tape or glue stick 12 picture frames of any style you like (I used cheap ones from Walmart)

Step 3: Put It Together

Instructions (really simple!)

  • Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frames.
  • Take the staples out of the calendar.
  • Trim the picture if necessary.
  • Tape it (or use stick glue) to the scrapbook paper.
  • Place in picture frame.
  • Hang.

That's it!

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