Introduction: Turning Ping-pong Balls Into Pokeballs!

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Get started today by making your very own Pokeballs to play with!

Step 1: Stuff U Need

Here is what you'll need to make the pokeballs.

-Plain white ping-pong balls

-permanent marker

-Acryllic paint


Step 2: The Right Ball for the Job.

As you can see I have a regular ping -pong ball in my hand (Yawn). To properly transform this into a pokeball, you need some paint and a permanent marker to jazz 'em up!

If your balls have a logo or brand insignia on them simply paint over them with white paint, repeatedly coating and letting dry until the entire ball is stark white.

Step 3: Draw the Middle...

The universal trait all pokeballs posess is the design on the middle line of the ball. Draw it out using your permanent marker.

Step 4: Paint Away!

While I do have the classic red and white design goin' on, you can use any design and paint color you so choose.

Use paint sealer when finished to preserve your pokeballs.


Once you're done, go show 'em off to your fellow pokemaniacs!!