Introduction: Tutorial: Ocean Style Shell Bracelet

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I have made some bracelet yet I seldom tried a braided one. As for me, it is not so shine. But the braided bracelet has its own characteristics, especially when it meets the shell. And this time, I decide to have a try.

As usual, this is the picture for one finished.

Step 1: Materials

There is a list of materials and tools.


Trumpet Shell Beads

Dyed Wood Beads

Nylon Thread

Antique Silver Mixed Ocean Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants

Brass Jump Rings


Flat Nose Pliers


Step 2:

First, prepare nylon threads of three kinds of color. Be sure of enough length. And then tie them to the prepared shells in one side as pictures show. Next we need to divide the threads into three parts with two different color in each part.

Step 3:

At this step, what we need is to make the threads braided. And during the procedure we can have a few beads added casually. If you feel the length is enough, you can make a knot to finish this part. As to the other side, just repeat the moves ahead.

Step 4:

Only a shell and several beads may be a little boring. Therefore we can add some ocean pendants. This will make the bracelet much more beautiful. Now a simple braided shell bracelet is finished!

It is a simple braided shell bracelet, and you can have a try in your spare time. It would be a little surprise.

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