Introduction: How to Make a Summer Beach Shell Bracelet

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I have made two pieces of shell bracelets. One is made with steel memory wire, another is made with nylon thread.

And this time the third shell bracelet will use silver cross chains.

Step 1: Materials


Cotton Wax Cord Necklace Makings

Shell Beads

Silver Mixed Ocean Tibetan Style Alloy Pendants

Lobster Claw Clasps

Natural Giant Clam Shell Round Beads-6MM

Natural Giant Clam Shell Round Beads-8MM

Silver Cross Chain

Iron Jump Rngs



Round Nose Pliers

Pointed Nose Pliers

Step 2:

First, pick a length of silver cross chain.

Second, use the pliers to connect the lobster claw clasp with the silver cross chain.

Third, use the iron jump rings to fix the ocean pendants on the chain at appropriate place.

Step 3:

First, pick out some natural giant clam shell round beads in two different size.

Second, place a shell round bead on a headpin and use the pliers to bend it up to get a round loop.

Third, repeat this step for all shell beads we need.

Fourth, use the pliers to fix the shell beads on the chain at random.

Step 4:

Fix the remaining ocean beads and shell beads on the chain in your own favorite arrangement.

The bracelet is finished!

Hoping you will like it!

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