Tutorial for L298 2Amp Motor Driver Shield for Arduino




Introduction: Tutorial for L298 2Amp Motor Driver Shield for Arduino


L298 2Amp Motor Driver Shield for Arduino is based on L298 motor driver integrated circuit, a full- bridge motor driver. It can drive two seperate 2A DC motors or 1 2A step motor. Motor's velocity and directions can be controlled separately and also there are 6 connectors connected to Arduino analog pins. This motor driver shield with PWM speed control mode and the PLL mode, using jumper to switch.


  • input voltage : 5V
  • Onboard buzzer (D4), can set the astern alarm ringtone.
  • It has six digital interface that are not occupied(including D2 , D3 , D5 , D6 , D7 , D9)

  • It has six analog interfaces(A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)

  • It has indicator for forward and backward changing direction .

For details of this module, you may refer to here.

Step 1: Pin Definition

Step 2: Material Preparation

For this tutorial, we required these items:

1. L298 2Amp Motor Driver Shield for Arduino

2. Arduino Uno Board and USB

3. 2x Plastic Gear Motor

Step 3: Hardware Connection

In this tutorial, you need to use this motor driver shield pins stacked on the Arduino Uno. Then, connect the two gear motor to the terminal block of MOTOR A and MOTOR B.

Step 4: Sample Source Code

Download this sample source code.

Step 5: Results

Based on the result, the Motor 1 moves in reverse direction while Motor 2 moves in forward direction. After 3 seconds, the Motor 1 will forward direction and Motor 2 moves in reverse direction and this cycle is repeating continuously.

Step 6: Video

This video shows the demonstration of the tutorial for L298D 2Amp Motor Driver Shield for Arduino.

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    Question 1 year ago

    hallo,thanks a lot for the article it really helped me.,but i have a different situation here .i have a nodemcu ESP8266 and BMT DUAL DC MOTOR SHIELD L298P.Iam builting a rc car with 1 motor for the rear wheels forward and reverse and 1 servor to control the steering..the motor driver shield i have is compatible with Arduino uno,i am finding difficulties in connecting it to nodemcu.
    any help i will appreciate
    thank you.


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Arduino driving three DC motors question: Can I stack two L298 2amp motor driver shields on an Arduino Uno? I am looking at using two of these: https://www.mybotic.com.my/webshaper/store/viewPro...
    How do I address my third motor connected to the shield (or board) on top of the stack?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. John L.