Introduction: Twine Cat Toys

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Recently I got a new kitten. Although he looks very similar to my previous cat, he is quite different and VERY wild! He plays with anything he sees all the time and keeps losing his mouse toys.
For this reason I decided to create one instead of buying new ones. I saw little mouses made out of twine at the store and they inspired me to make these toys. They didn't look hard to create after all.
After making them I realized that they are also very fast to create so that's even better!

I made two: I'm going to show you how to make the one with wings(?!). The other one is made the same way except that it doesn't have wings :D
What are they? They were supposed to become mouses, but then I actually made something else. Bugs, maybe fishes, or birds? I have no idea!!
The most important thing is that cats love them! :D

Step 1: What You Need

  • thick twine
  • hot glue

Step 2: Make the Base

First of all fold some twine on itself back and forth, about 6 or 8 times, or until you obtain the thickness you prefer.
Now don't cut the thread. Wrap it around the twine you have just folded starting from the middle or closer to the end. Try to be accurate while you do this, so that there are no free slots left. All rounds must be close to each other.
Keep wrapping until you reach the other end. At that point you need to close the ending so put some hot glue on it and make some smaller rounds in it as if you were wrapping its side.
Please look at the pictures to understand what I mean.

Step 3: Keep Wrapping

Your thread is at the end now so start wrapping again right on the previous one, going from the end to the middle this time.
Make sure to put some hot glue whenever you feel like the thread is not firm.
When you finally reach the middle, twist the twine to create a small loop and secure it with glue.
This is the first "wing".
Keep wrapping a little bit and make another loop opposite to the first one and secure it.

Now wrap until you reach the end. I decided to leave some of the end free because it looked like a fish's fin :D For this reason I ended the wrapping a little earlier.
Finally, cut the twine and glue the tip in the end, as you can see in the last photo.

Step 4: Test It!

Your new cat toy is done!

Give it to your cat and see what happens!!
Mine really appreciated it! :D

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