Introduction: Twine Orbs

These are decorative balls made of twine and glue. You can hang them up for decoration or wind lights through them to make them functional.

Step 1: Balloons

You need three balloons to make the orb shape for your twine to wind around. Blow them up to your size preference; I did a big, medium, and small one.

Step 2: Supplies

Here are the other supplies that you need: 1. Twine 2. Wood glue (I needed another bigger bottle of wood glue, so I recommend getting more than what is shown in the image) 3. Scissors 4. A Plastic Bowl

Step 3: Cut Twine

Cut the twine to a length that it will reach all the way around your balloon and connect with itself. The twine likes to connect more with itself than it does with the balloon, so you need to make them long enough so that there is a little overlap.

Step 4: Glue the Twine

Pour some wood glue into your plastic bowl, add a strand of twine and thoroughly cover it with the glue, then you need to wipe off the excess glue.

Step 5: Glued Twine on Balloon

Now that you have your glued twine, you need to place it randomly on your balloon, and like I said before, make sure that the ends of your twine strands are long enough to overlap each other around the balloon (they stick together better that way).

Step 6: Hang Dry

Once you have added enough twine strands to your balloon, hang them up to dry overnight.

Step 7: Final Product

Once your twine strands are completely dry, you can pop the balloon, and peal off any remaining glue. Once you have finished that, you now have three completed twine orbs that you can use for decoration. Hang them from your ceiling at different heights or wind them with twinkling lights to make them functional.