Introduction: Twist Locked Piggy Bank.

Hey there,today I will teach you how to make a safe and secure Twist Lock Piggy Bank 🏦 .


You will need the following things to get started:

1) A hard bottle

2) Twist lock

3) Cutter or a blade
4) CD Marker

5) Some Yarn 🧶

6) Glue.

7) Spikelets of dates



Step 1: Making a Hole on the Bottom of the Bottle

First of all measure the diameter of the Twist lock with the help of a compass.

And then draw a circle with the diameter of that of the twist lock on the bottom of the bottleNow you need to cut out the marked piece of the bottle.

NOTE-Be very careful as u don’t want the diameter of the hole to be more than that of the twist lock 🔒

Step 2: Seal the Cap

Now with the help of a Glue or an adhesive seal the cap of the bottle. So that there is only one way to get into the bottle and that is through the silt..

And also seal the base unit of the twist lock with that of the bottle.

Step 3: Decorate the Bottle

I had some yarn and an owl made up of an old cloth and I also had Some spikelets of dates

Take the yarn and spiral it Around the bottle and then glue the yarn on the bottle . You can use two colours of yarn to make it look more attractive. I can stick the owl on to the yarn which spikelet arranged below it.

And that’s how you make a safe and secure yet attractive piggy bank!!!

Hope you liked it.

Thank you for Reading.....

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