Tying a Bow Tie




Introduction: Tying a Bow Tie

• Regular Bow tie
• Mirror

Shaft- The slender part of the untied bow tie that does not form the bow shape

Note: Before beginning, adjust the bow tie so that the ends come down to the middle of your abdomen.

Step 1: Draping Bow Tie

 Drape the untied bow tie over both shoulders so that its ends are evenly aligned on your torso.

Step 2: Crossing Both Sides

Begin to cross both sides across your neck

Step 3: Hanging One End

 Take one end of the bow tie and bring it through the loop below your neck like you’re
tying a knot.

Then take one end and lay it over your shoulder and let the other end lay vertically down your chest.

Step 4: Creating the Bow Shape

Take the end that is lying vertically across your chest and fold it in a bow shape positioned horizontally

Step 5: Draping Vertical Bow Over the Horizontal Bow Shape

Now take the end that is lying across your shoulder and while still holding the bow position, bring the other end down so that it lies vertically with the lying shaft atop the bow.

(Pay close attention) Identify the thick side of the horizontal bow (the side that is
connected to the bow).

Step 6: Folding Bow

Fold that side across the shaft of the vertical bow.

Step 7: Pulling Down Vertical Bow

Pull down on the folded bow and you should find a hole above it.

Note: This is where it gets tricky.

Identify the top part of the bow that is hanging vertically (the side closest to your neck).

Step 8: Sliding Bow Through Hole

Slide the top end of that bow into the hole identified in step 10.

Step 9: Pulling Bow

Pull the front bow halfway through the hole while keeping the back bow folded.

Step 10: Letting Go

Let go of the folded bow in the front

Step 11: Aligning Bow

Pull out on both sides of the bow to create a fuller bow tie.

After this, align the front and back bow.

Step 12: Complete!

Your bow is now complete!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great tutorial! This is actually how I tie all of my bows, even on packages. What can we do to make your pictures brighter (and maybe a little sharper)? They're just a little hard to see right now.