Introduction: Tying a Trinity Knot

The trinity knot is a somewhat less traditional tie knot, a fun option for semi-formal occasions. It is slightly more complicated than many other standard tie knots, and less conventional. If you're looking for a more unique appearance, the trinity knot can be an excellent choice.

Step 1: ​With Your Collar Raised, Align the Tie With the Narrow End on Your Right, Hanging Lower Than the Thick End.

The thick end should hang down to approximately your bellybutton.

Step 2: Cross the Narrow End to Your Left, Over Wide End, Forming a Triangle Shape Where the Sides Meet.

Step 3: Fold the Narrow End Behind the Loop (the Loop Formed by Crossing the Two Sides) and Raise It Up Through the Loop.

Step 4: ​Drop the Narrow End Straight Down Over the Loop, So It Hangs Down Directly in Front of the Wide End.

Step 5: Take Narrow End to the Left, Wrap Behind the Loop, Pull Over to the Right.

Step 6: Lift the Narrow End Up and Drop It Through the Loop From the Front.

Try not to let too much slack into the knot.

Step 7: Take Narrow End to the Left, Then Wrap in Front of the Knot to the Right.

Step 8: Bring the Narrow End Up Behind the Knot.

Step 9: Pull End Down Through the Knot, Just Behind the Frontmost Loop, Keeping the Knot Loose.

It may help to keep the thumb of your free hand in the topmost loop which is formed by this step.

Step 10: Take Narrow End Left, Then Wrap Behind the Knot to the Right.

Step 11: Pull the Narrow End Beneath the Top Loop of the Knot (the One Formed by Step 8, Which You May Have Left a Thumb in to Keep Loose).

Step 12: You Should Now Have a Knot Comprised of Three Loops. to Tighten the Knot, First Pull the Back Loop Up and Backwards.

Step 13: Next, Pull the Right Loop to the Right.

Step 14: Finally, Pull the Narrow End to the Left. Repeat Steps 12-14 Until Satisfied With the Knot.

Step 15: Conceal the Narrow End of the Tie Beneath the Part of the Tie Around Your Neck.

Step 16: Keep One Hand on the Knot and Pull on the Wide End of the Tie With the Other to Secure the Knot Snug Against Your Neck.

Step 17: Lower Your Collar and Align Tie So That the Knot Is Centered.

Step 18: The Full Process