Introduction: Types of Duct Tape Straps (for Your Bag)

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need: 1)At least 2 different colors of duct tape 2)A ruler 3)A previously made bag (duct tape or not) 4)Scissors

Step 2: The Classic Strap

Select the color of duct tape that you want for te strap. To measure, sling the duct tape (while still on the roll) over your shoulder and measure how long you want your strap. Then rip off the strip. Next, fold the strip into thirds, and cut off any flaws. Finally, tape each of te ends to the inside of the sides of your bag. :)

Step 3: The Braided Strap

Select one-three colors of duct tape, then measure as shown in te previous step. Make sure you have three strips of the same measure ment of duct tape. Fold all of the strips into thirds, then tape the left tips of all of the strips together. The braid as shown in the picture. Last, tape the tips of the braid to the inside sides of your bag as shown.

Step 4: The "Vine" Strap

Select two colors of duct tape. Measure according to liking, then fold the strips into thirds. Next, tape the left tips together, and wrap the strips around each other as shown. Last, tape both of the tips to the inside sides of your bag.