Introduction: UKP V2

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UKP v3

Firing Video now downloadable!

*Just created a new version with a new slide system. I don't know how much it has lowered the range, since it is 11 at night, and I'm not gonna wake up my family shooting knex guns. But from shooting at my pillow, it appears it will be 5-10 feet less. The trade off is A much more realistic slide.* 

Its almost here! The original UKP was sick and all, combining the major features of two great K'nex pistols into one... but V2? V2 is everything V1 wasn't. The original version had several jam issues, and a small mag. On its positive side, it had insane fire and reload speed, along with excellent range for a pistol due to its larger round taken from the GD1, and its removable mag was a new design.

Well, quite frankly, V2 blows V1 out of the water. 
-Jam issues fixed, 100% success rate.
-Magazine size reduced, while increasing capacity. What does that mean? It has a more traditional mag in handle, that doesn't stick out from the bottom. Magazine size has also been increased to 7 rounds, at the cost of no quick reload, yet. 
-Fire speed has been, dare I say? increased because... 

-Range has been maintained, even though a smaller round is being used
-Fake barrel has been extended
-And do to its overwhelmingly negative feedback, the laser has been removed. 

What does this make for? One of the sickest K'nex pistols out there

Statistical Results: (updated as found) 
Range: 20-25 ft with occasional spurts of 35 ft
Firing interval: less than 1 second per shot. 
Magazine: 7 rounds
Reload time: less than 5 seconds
Accuracy: Lies in its first 15-20 feet 


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