Introduction: UKP V3

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If you don't feel like reading all this, just skip to the pictures and read annotations, all important stuff is covered in those. 

Version 1.0

So much time and effort has gone into making this final product that you see here.

If you haven't seen either the:

UKP v1


UKP v2

I strongly recommend you do.

About the UKP Series
If you haven't built/ seen either, or refuse to, here's the story behind the weapon. Back in the beginning of Knex weaponry, when knexers, (I guess knexperts now!)  were just figuring how to incorporate magazines into pistols, and create a repeating weapon, there were a few standouts. My favorites were the TDS and the GD1, both excellent guns in their own ways. The TDS featured compactness, where as the GD1 featured a slide and removable magazine. I got to thinking, "I wish there was something between the two..." That led to the start of my "Desert Eagle" Project, which after a year of tinkering, turned into the UKP v1. A year later I released the UKP v2, with the intention of updating the series every year, but that fell away after I got lazy. But now, I'm back and better than ever. Proceed to the next part for the stuff you really care about.

So What's New in This Version? 
There are so many upgrades from the UKP v2 in this that it is almost impossible to list. I'm just gonna list things in order of appearance from previous series to the exclusive content. 

From the UKP
-Grey Rod Firing Pin-- Essentially putting a rifle firing mechanism within a pistol, increasing range. 
-TDS Trigger-- The most effective and compact pistol trigger ever created, no sense in changing perfection
-Side Plates and Ergonomic Handle-- contribute to the overall realism of the gun, and feel
-MY Original UKP Handle and Magazine Design. Never seen before on any knex gun, and as far as I know, never replicated. 

From the UKP v2
-Slide action
-New Ergonomic Handle Design, that also included an original magazine, never before seen in knex guns. 

And Exclusively in v3

-Larger slide area-- for improved slide action
- Fully contained slide
-Slight change to the TDS trigger to eliminate jamming
-Slight change to my original magazine design to eliminate double feed issues.
-New side pannel and ergonomic handle design
-New Sights
-Increased Stability
-And some things you will never notice, but I want you to know are there, and that I put a ridiculous amount of time into engineering
-- Color Coding - The base gun is in all metallic parts, except for 3 key areas, the slide trigger and magazine. This allows for easy identification during combat or when under pressure. These 3 areas are the most used parts of the gun, and the orange really helps in all scenarios, which is easily passed over by the eye
-- When the instructions come up, you probably will not notice the asymmetrical interior and fake barrel assembly. This is done in various places to relieve stresses experienced by the platform, and to help balance the gun. Please note I'm not talking about the different side plates, those you'll notice and complain about in about 2 seconds... like on the other 2 versions... that is done for ergonomic purposes, and when you actually shoot the gun, you'll know why I did it. 

Please note that this is not a finished version, I still have some work to do on the slide, and I need to do a performance test, along with some videos for everyone. If anyone has any suggestions, this is a good time to include them. Expect another updated version next weekend, possibly a firing video this week.