Introduction: Electric Screwdriver From Old Hairdryer!

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Hello Everyone,In This Ible I Will Show You How To Convert Your Old Non Working hairdryer To a ElectricScrewdriver!

it Is Powered By A 9v Battery As Well As A 9v to 12v Wall Adapter!
Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

[Play Video]

Make Sure You Also Watch The Video As Well!

Step 2: Remove the Bitloader(Where You Put the Screw In) From the Handle of the Screwdriver & Fix It on the Shaft of the Motor With the Help Epoxy Putty!

1)Remove The Bitloader
(The part in which we insert Screw bits the mettalic part on top of the screwdriver!)
From The Handle Of the Screwdriver

2) Fix It On The Shaft Of The Motor With The Help Of Epoxy Putty
3) Let It Dry!

Step 3: Empty Up the Hairdryer!

1)Now Grab Your old Hairdryer & Start opening it up.
2)Mine had Two Screws on its handle so I started opening it by removing the Two Screws on the handle
3) I Found a DC motor a few diodes and A lots of nichrome wire inside! Keep it it might be used someday!

Step 4: Mount the Motor in the Front of the HairDryer!

1)Now The Main Part Is To Think Where We will Mount the Motor!

2)My Hairdryer had a black Grill Infront of it.

3)So I removed it!

4)I drilled a hole in the middle of the Grill

5) Iremoved the plastic NUT from the motor.

6)Then I inserted the motor inside the grill and tightened the Nut of The motor.

7)Now I inserted The Grill Back into The hairdryer And it was a perfect fit!

Step 5: Mount the Components on the Handle of the Hairdryer & Start Soldering!

Now Its time to Mount The 9v Jack,Female Dc Jack, momentary switch & The Dpdt switch!

1)I drilled a few Holes on the handle and fixed All the components with the help of hot glue!

2)I placed the Dc Jack on the bottom of the handle.

3)The momentary switch ,Dpdt switch & 9v Battery holder of the Sides of the handle

4)I Didnt mount them in the front of the handle because Then the handle would not fold as in the cover Photo!

Step 6: Close Everything Up!

Now After Placing And soldering everything close the body of the hairdryer and we are done!

Thank You for Giving Your Precious Time To My Project!
I Hope You Like it!