Introduction: 2 Pin Plug Changed to USB Port. (USB Charge Mosquito Racket)

The AC plug changed to USB port.

In my case 2 pin plug damaged. i remove the old plug . then add a USB port .


Charge mosquito racket via laptop or mobile charger using USB cable.

Easy to charge ,no need to hang it the plug.

Step 1: Requirement

1. USB port -1

2. IN4001 -1

3.PCB -1

Step 2: Cut the Shape

Measure and cut the shape you want.

Step 3: Solder Connections

Soldering the connections.

Step 4: Close

positioning the battery and USB port PCB appropriate positions.

close and screw it.

Step 5: Check

Connect the USB cable to the rack and check it.

Step 6: Checking