Introduction: USB Flash Drive Paracord Fob

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The problem I've found with USB flash drives is keeping them attached and therefore keeping track of them. This fob will provide a way to firmly attach a flash drive to your keychain, lanyard, backpack, automobile, etc. The theory being that you can keep track of the larger item. Hopefully you can.

Step 1: Materials

You Will Need :
USB flash drive
1.5 feet of paracord, gutted
Split ring
Measuring device
On or two pair of pliers

Step 2: Losing Your Memory

First, find your memory. This started today because I pulled my keychain out of my pocket and noticed this flash drive was not attached. Lucky for me it was in the bottom of my pocket.

Next, gut your paracord. There are instructions for how to do this somewhere I'm sure. Basically, cut both ends and before fusing extract the seven inner strands then fuse the ends. Regular 550 paracord is too thick for this project.

Attach your paracord to your flash drive. This older drive's case was splitting so I gently opened it and looped the gutted paracord around its post and glued it back together with a couple drops of superglue. If your flash drive has a sliding mechanism be sure not to disable that function.

Center the flash drive on the paracord.

Step 3: How Much Is Enough?

Decide what length you would like this fob to be. I think about 4 centimeters. (Yes I just switched from Imperial to Metric measurement.)

Slide the split ring onto the paracord at your desired length as shown: with the strand on the right passing through from back to front and up and away to the right and the left strand passing through from front to back and away to the left.

Pass the left end in front of and across the work. With the right end cross over the left end and around the back of the work passing up and through the loop created on the left. Snug this knot up to your split right at your desired length. Take some time now to situate this knot where you want it because everything else ties "on top of" this knot.

From there, it's a Solomons Bar knot to your desired length. Remember, the strand that crossing in front of the work will always cross in front and the one the crosses behind the work will always cross behind.

Be patient and re-do your work if needed to get your desired length. I tied this fob a total of four times to get it just this length.

Step 4: Cut and Fuse

Cut the working ends off about a quarter inch from the work and fuse. (Yes, I did just switch back to Imperial measurements.) once it is hot and soft using a flat surface such as the scissors blade to flatten the fused end. This will make sort-of a mushroom shape at the end of the strand and won't pull loose.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now can can attach your USB flash drive where you need it and count on it to be where you left it when you need it.