Introduction: Ugly Christmas Socks.

For some reason people love to wear ugly sweaters. But what good is a ugly sweater without any ugly socks? Well today I am going to teach you how to make some ugly socks.


A pair of dark colored shin socks
Small Pom-poms
Some small and large stars
Shiny pipe cleaners of any color

Step 1: Add the Pipe Cleaners

On your socks there should be a small area of elastic on the top. Put a pipe cleaner on the bottom edge of the elastic so the rest sticks out the top. Cut it. Do this 8 times so that you have 8 pieces of pipe cleaner the same length as the top of the sock

NOTE: the picture above shows stars on the sock, these will be put on in the next step.

Step 2: Add Some Stars

If you do not have any stars laying around I recommend cutting some out from grey or light brown felt, make sure to make them in different sizes. After you have gotten your stars glue them anywhere you want as long as its NOT at the bottom of the sock.

Step 3: Add Pom-poms

Now is the part where this all comes together. Get red and green Pom-poms and glue them somewhat randomly onto the sock.

Step 4: Make a Second Sock

Now make another sock using the same method. Then you're done!

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