Introduction: Ugly-chic Xmas Sweater

I love the Christmas atmosphere. I always try to spend this time of the year at home, surrounded by family, lights and a lot of food.

This year I am sharing my recipe for the perfect sweater of all times.

If you are looking for an ugly but fashion sweater to capture everybody's eyes and feel the star of the party then you are in the right place.

But be aware: follow this Instructable just if you really want attention. NOT FOR SHY PEOPLE.

Ah! You can use this project even for kids, to let them spend a nice crafty afternoon.

Ready to shine???

Let's start!

Step 1: Materials

• black, sad sweater

• gold sequins ribbon

• LED lights (I used a 10 led chain)

• EVA foam sheet (to create the decorations)

• small Christmas balls (mine already have a pin that you can substitute with hairpins)

• pipe cleaners

• scissors

• pencil

• black pen

• needle and thread

• paper

Step 2: Create the Collar

Ok, let's start from the beginning.

For the sequins collar, you can insert a piece of paper into the collar of the sweater in order to take the exact roundness.

After this, draw on the paper the shape you want to give to the collar, cut it and use it as a pattern to make the sequins one.

Cut the sequin ribbon and join (by sewing in my case, but you can also use glue) the different pieces together in order to follow the shape of the paper.

When you finish you can sew everything to the sweater.

Step 3: The Hanging Red Wire

Now it's time to use the pipe cleaners to create the wire where we can hang our balls and our little drawings.

It's a very easy step since you just have to make the pipe cleaners go into the holes of the sweaters.

These clever things are made by wire and you don't need to sew them: just fold them into the shape you want.

If yours are short too, you can join them together by crossing the edges.

Step 4: Drawing the Foam Pendants

The drawings are really up to you.

I'm in love with gingerbread houses because it's like a tradition that reminds me my grandma and food, in general, is a huge part of my culture, the reason why my sweater is a sweet sweater!

I drew directly on the foam, before with the pencil and when I was sure I did it with the black pen. I cut everything, creating a small hole on the top, and this step is finished!

Congratulations: You are almost there!

Step 5: Adding the Christmas Balls and the Pendants

As I was telling you in the materials part, my balls already have a pin on them.

It's a set of balls for the beard. Don't ask why. I just found them at home and they were perfect for this project, but you can use any other type of Christmas balls (well, maybe better if small) and add hairpins in the holes.

I inserted the pin into the hole of my drawing and then fixed it between the holes of the sweater.

Repeat for all the drawings and proceed to the next step!

Step 6: Light Things Up

This is the final and funny step!

Take the led strip and make the LEDs coming out from the holes of the sweater.

I fixed them sewing but you can use hairpins here as well.

For the battery, you have two options: sewing it at the bottom of the sweater or keep it in your pocket.

Once you're done with it: ENJOY YOUR UGLY BEAUTIFUL SWEATER!!!

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