Introduction: Ukulele Speakers for Ipod / Mp3

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I was bored on my summer holidays and I had some loose speakers around. I had also just seen the gorilla cardboard contest. So I decided to make these speakers as I am interested in ukulele.

What you need.

An assortment of speakers I used 3 pairs of mid range speakers,
An amplifier (small)
Some wire
Couragated cardboard
Thick card eg Cereal box
Strong Glue
Masking tape

Step 1: Cut-outs

Draw out the shape of the front and back onto couragated cardboard so you have 4 separate cutouts. The link should be on this page on a word document
Then with the thinner bits of card cut 4 strips of 8cm by 34 cm.

Step 2: Stick Together

This step requires some patience.

Using masking tape you need to stick the sides to the top ans bottom.

Get one of the side pieces Cut a strip about 10 cm long of masking tape.
Stick about half of the bottom of the masking tape to the side leaving half stuck up. Confused???? Look at the pictures.

Chop the top bit of masking tape into thin strips.
Hold the front panel and the side with making tape together at 90 degrees and then start folding down the maskingtape.

Continue this until you reach the end of the amount of card.

Then start with the second side peice from the bottom using the same process.

Too attach the other panel simply ( i hope ) do the same process until you end up with a complete body .

Then do all of the above again to make the second speaker housing.

Step 3: Neck

Using the templates cut out the neck on couragated cardboard the the cut another one that is 2 inches longer at the bottom. Glue these two together. When they have dried stick them to the body so the front is level with the front of the body.

As like the last step you have to do two necks as there are two bodies.

Step 4: Holes

Lie your speakers on the top of the bodies. Draw around the speakers and then cut out the holes.
Do this so all the speakers are evenly spaced.

For the one which wont hold all the electricals you could add a connector to attach speaker cabels.
So remember to cut a hole for that.

Then you're ready to paint.

Step 5: Paint

Get your two speaker housing ukuleles and paint then in what every colour you want. You could do a cool pattern.

Step 6: Adding the Speakers to the 1st Ukulele

For the speaker without the electricals, only speakers Glue in place the speakers when you have wired them to the connector.

Thats the 1st one done

Step 7: Electrics and Speakers

Cut a hole in the back so you can position the cables and amplifier.

Make holes for the nobs, buttons, and LEDs. But dont glue it in yet as you wont be able to get he speakers in.

Glue in the speakers.

Glue in the amp and transformer. Make sure this is positioned at the bottom in the middle as this is heavy.

I added a simple bit of cardboard on the neck to hold my mp3 player as it has a case which slides onto the cardboard.

Wire the speakers to the amplifier

Finished plug it in and try it.
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