Introduction: Ultimate Guide for Travellers

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Ever felt sick carrying many items during your travel?

This instructable is for people who want to make travel easy.

This can be useful for Van Traveller, people who are stressed of packing a lot of objects, people who want to make something out of the waste and much more.

This is a secret DIY for traveler like us

We will explore how to avoid the problem.

Step 1: Hack 1: Space Occupied by Lotion Tubes

This occupies more space.

Step 2: Hack 1: Innovative Way to Save Space by Replacing Moisturer

Thats it. So simple. We can replace all the moisturiser tubes into a small pack and it occupies only a less space.

Step 3: Hack 2: Space Occupied by Tablets and Cases

There is a lot of tablets that are need to be carried. This occupies a lot of space.

Step 4: Hack 2: Optimized Tablet Case

Step 5: Hack 3: Space Occupied by Dresses

The dresses occupy a lot of space while packing.

It is even tough to close the bag.

We often tend to forget the pair of dress and the schedule we have planned to wear it.

Step 6: Hack 3: Pack the Dresses in Packs and Label Them

We can roll the dresses in the bags. This can be put into the bags and labeled according to the day in which we are planning to wear this.

Step 7: Thank You

If you want me to post on more traveler hacks, comment below and vote us for the contest.

Step 8:

If you find any interesting travel hacks that you want to share, post it below on comments we will add it.

Thank you.

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