Introduction: Useful Van Fabric Hacks

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Creating clever fabric solutions in the van seemed tricky until we discovered marine grade fabric snaps. We’ve used these on curtains as well as canvas clothes storage dividers, and we’re incredibly happy with how they’ve turned out as both a cost-effective and durable option! There are many things you could make for a camper where these have a place, so instead of showing step-by-steps for a specific project I’m going to show you how to install the snaps.

First things first– you’ll need to decide on where the snaps will be, which will help to inform what snap caps and snap studs you purchase. You can install caps and studs onto 2 pieces of fabric or a strap, which is very common. However, you can also purchase studs that have screw threading, or studs that are connected to a sticky back. We’ve used both the screw threaded and sticky back studs and have found much success for van projects with them.

Step 1: Requirements

The following are the requirements:

Optionally, you might want scissors and/or a lighter depending on what you need to do to finish off your fabric.

Step 2:

Decide where you would like to have your snap cap go.

Step 3:

The snap cap comes in 2 parts. Take the top of the cap and line it up to where you would like it on the fabric. Make sure the top of the cap is on the side you want as the front.

Step 4:

Cut a small hole into the fabric so that you can push the step of the snap cap through to the other side.

Step 5:

Take the back of the snap cap and sandwich it on the back side of the fabric. The flat side of the hardware should be facing into the center, and the lip of the backing should be facing out.

Step 6:

Place the snap cap with fabric into the installation platform so you can get ready to hammer it together. The top of the domed snap cap should fit easily into the installation platform, and the top of the back should be facing straight up.

Step 7:

Take the metal snap installation tool and line it up into the hole of the stem that is showing through. Use your hammer to flatten the stem down so that the snap is tightly fitted around the fabric.

Step 8:

Depending on the fit of the snap, you might want to use some snap lube to make it easier to snap in and out. That’s it!

Step 9: Happy Making

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