Introduction: Ultimate Organizational Board

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I created a board out cardboard and paper, aiming to make an organized board to be a reminder and an organizer for you. I used some old fairy lights to wrap around the sides of the board for a little decoration and in case you need light while using the board. The board is used for anything you need, whether it's reminders, schedules, or you just want something to display art on. It's the Ultimate Organizational Board.


Supplies to create it:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Fairy Lights or LED Lights
  • Tape

Step 1: Collect Supplies

First collect cardboard, paper, tape, and some lights (LED or fairy lights.)

Step 2: Put the Board Together

Use your cardboard and cut off all the sides that way you have yourself an even board. Then cover the cardboard with papers, over the entire surface. The papers to cover it, are there so you can write on the board itself.

Step 3: Finish Up the Board

To finish up the board, you need to add the rim, that way you can keep supplies and other items close to the board. To make the rim you should take a piece of cardboard that is very short for the width and as long as the length of your board. Then just grab your lights and wrap them around the sides of the board to add a little decoration. Then you can sit back and admire the nice work you've done.

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