Introduction: Ultimate Boredom Toy, or for Just Whenever

This a fun little toy is very; cheap, easy to make, and inexpensive. I have played with it for countless hours, and haven't gotten bored of it yet. I also have friends who love it as well, one friend has bought one from me already.

By the way this is my first instructable so bare with me.

What you need-



Wire cutters

1/2 in. wrench socket




Step 1: Wire

The fist thing you need is wire. You can get this at almost any hardware, home improvement, or craft stor. I got my wire out of some wire for houses I found in my garage , so it was free. Although I did have to strip it of its plastic coat, you can buy wire bare. The copper one shown in this Instructable is the house wire and about 14 gaged, the silver one is 12.

Step 2: Coil the Wire

Next you need to coil the wire. To do this get a 1/2 in. (You can choose the size, but this is the best I think) and hold your wire at one end, holding it with your pliers. Hold the wire in your hand and twist it around to socket. Try and keep them nice and together, it helps in the end. When your done pull the wrapping off. Each wrapping will equal one ring. I recommend 10-20 rings.

Step 3: Rings

After you are you done wrapping the coil take it and draw a line down the center. Try and keep this line as straight as possible. Then cut down the line with wire cutters. The best way to do this is to pull the coil apart a little, so it cuts one at a time, and cut down the line. You should end up with a bunch of little rings.

Step 4: Looping Them Together

To put them together just bend them apart and loop them together. Every ring needs to go through every whole. Bunch them up into a ring shape and slide the new ring through the whole in the center. Make sure they all fall flat with each other and you don't put any through while rings are going to opposite direction of the twirl. The last picture is an example of what not to do. Try and make all the individual rings as flat as possible, this just makes it more comfortable.

Step 5: You're Done

well now you should have a finished product to play around with. They really are fun and there small and fit in your pocket or wherever. I do not recommend though giving these to kids under 3 years of age.

Thanks for reading, and please vote for this (unless your reading this in the future and votings over, if you are hello future person).

I also need to thank my friend (whose name I don't know if I should say). He made one first and gave me the idea, and the privilege of making this instructable. Also Mrballeng inspired the idea with his woven rings necklace. His stuff is amazing and if you don't understand how I made it or you want to check it out go here Go look a this and all his other stuff. Bye

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