Umbrella ID Badge Template Front and Back **not a How to Just the Template Itself.**

Introduction: Umbrella ID Badge Template Front and Back **not a How to Just the Template Itself.**

This isn't really instructions and I apologize. If you'd like me to make an actual instructable on how to make an ID using Adobe Photoshop Elements, I shall. This is just the simple one I made in a couple hours and decided to upload so someone could use it, if need be.

I recommend using Photoshop to fill out the blanks and to put in the picture (You can send the picture you're using as your photo ID to the back layer and not have to worry about cropping it.) If you don't happen to have Photoshop, you can even fill it out on Microsoft paint, or if you wanted to, by hand. (I think that if it's filled out and printed, aside from the signatures, it'll look more professional.)

I'm putting together my second Resident Evil scientist costume for Halloween this year (as I am very broke) and I can upload a tutorial on how to mount your printed ID on to something if you don't have fancy card paper. I'm being extremely cheap with my costume and just using junk I have laying around the house and I don't plan on buying very much for it.

Step 1: Front of ID

Step 2:

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    6 years ago

    Very nice template! I'd love it if you could make a tutorial on how to add the picture in Photoshop, or even how to make your own id badges.. :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    ^^ I will try.