Introduction: Lego Bionicle Unamed Toa of Bo (plant Life) Moc

This is going to be inermediate building. She is the last of her element.

Step 1: The Body

This is going to be hard when it comes to the back.

Step 2: The Lower Body

Everything should have articulation and right colors.

Step 3: The Hips and Waist ( Part 1)

Build the above from left to right.

Step 4: Add a Ball to the Waste

Now that you have your waste completed after you put the ball on, move to the upper body. THIS, is when it can get complex.

Step 5: The Upper Body

Get a 2 axle and an a 2000 Bionicle hand. Put them together and put them on the ball joint which is on the waist. Then put the light green stud on the 3 half beam x2 axle and x1 hole. And basically, I really don't need to describe it because the picture is already showing you how to build it. Right now, I'm just going to keep it simple. The 2 pics are showing what the parts are and how they are put together. I'll describe some pictures for you.

Step 6: The Back(part 1)

You want to make 2 shoulder parts. First pic: Make sure there is another half bushing on the other side of the shoulders. Third pic: flip it.

Step 7: The Back(part 2)

Pics 2 -4: This is the complex part because its so hard to get it in the right place. The robot arms go in the bigger hole, and the robot hands/wrists go in the smaller holes.

Step 8: The Rest of the Back and Weapons

Put them together and put them on her back.

Step 9: The Detailed Parts

Follow pictures in order.

Step 10:

Cut a three axle cap to where a half bushing can fit there. Here is the next complex part. It will be hard getting the air head(full bushing onone end and the middle and end are connectors). Add the air vent slopes and put the gears on the chest. And add minifigure arms on the bottom of the upper body. It will look like that its the end of the rib cage, sort of.

Step 11:

Flip it. Open it. Add 2 more minifigure arms on the back. Close it. And the body is completed.

Step 12: The Head

Gather the parts and put them together.

Step 13: The Arms

Put the head on the body. Now you have to make 2 arms. Both have to be the same, but opposite.

Step 14: Finishing the Arms and Moving on to the Legs

Once the arms are finished, move on to the legs. The back of the thighs are going to be fragile because I couldn't attach it the right way.

Step 15: Size Comparison

Once the legs are put together, attach them to her body and she is FINISHED!