Introduction: Unbreakable Dog Collar

So we have a little Shih Tzu that has eaten through every type of collar we have ever gotten for him as well as every one of our schnauzer's collars.  We decided it was time for a change!  Metal anyone?  Probably the easiest, cheapest, and best solution for everyone.  We bought simple slip collars, "choke chains" if you will, cut them to size, and added a quick link to hold them together.  Simple as that and now we're all happy :-).

Step 1: Get the Items Needed

You will need to purchase a slip collar and a quick link.  We found both at our local Wal*Mart for under $3.

Step 2: Grab Some Tools

A pair of heavy duty wire cutters and a pair of pliers is all you should need to complete this job.  Or in this case just a good ol' Leatherman.

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Once you have measured what size your animals neck is you can cut the chain accordingly.  I have found it much easier to cut along the split in the links of the chain, but cut wherever you like :-)

Step 4: Finish It Up

Now all you should need to do is slide the quick link through both ends of the collar and call it a day :-)  Our quick link was slightly too large to fit through the links in the chain so to remedy that we did was cut the last link, pry it open, slide the quick link through, and then use the pliers to crimp the link back together.

Simple, Cheap, Easy...A DIY must if you have Dogs that chew through their collars.

If any steps are unclear just let me know how I can help.