Introduction: Under $2 Telephoto Lens Tripod Mount

I purchased an after-market Telephoto lens for my DSLR.  The problem with it was it did not include a tripod mount.  The lens is so long that even on my tripod there was too much bounce at the end of the lens that most photos ended up with motion blur.  I needed a tripod mount to balance the lens and camera.  If you already have epoxy this will cost less that $2.  If not it's closer to $5.  :)

Step 1: Mix Epoxy

Epoxy uses two chemicals once combined they form a strong bond.  This epoxy will hold 1500 pounds once it cures which should be more than enough for the stress that will be placed on it.   You only need a small amount I used one drop of each chemical. 

Step 2: Mounting the T-nut

Apply the epoxy around the hole in the bottom of the Conduit hanger and the along the surface of the T-nut.  Wait 15 minutes.  I used mini vice grips to keep constant pressure until secure.  Mix another small batch of epoxy and apply along the top of the bolt.  With this epoxy it needs 1 hour to cure. 

Step 3: Mounting the Lens

Remove the bolt that comes with the conduit hanger.  Pull open slightly to fit around the lens body.  Once around the body tighten the screw and bolt until secure.   You may want to do this with your camera attached so you ensure that the base is at the bottom.

Step 4: Go Out and Take Pictures

Now the lens can be mounted towards the center of balance.  Now that the lens and camera is balanced there are much less motion blur. 

***Updated with better Full Moon picture taken with the same equipment 1/9/12